There are a few things that we keep close to hand at all times and one of these is our Titaner Pocket Knife. Whilst riding it is attached to our map cases via the strong sliding clip and whilst off the bike it is on our belts or pockets.

The design of the knife is sleek and simple; cleverly addressing the need for lightweight without compromising on safety or efficacy. The handle is made of two layers of titanium held together at 4 points. Using a hinge mechanism the ceramic blade slots between the two layers of the handle. And the blade is eased out if the handle by 2 bolts at its base. Once completely out of handle and fully released, a small catch close to the blade base clicks into the space occupying the gap between the two layers. This prevents the blade from shifting. To close the knife, one hand pulls the catch out of the gap whilst the other eases the blade back into place. With practice, maybe it will only need one hand to open and close – but we haven’t tried that yet!

Titaner pocket knife

We use our knives mostly for preparing food. Often for lunch we have tomatoes, cheese and bread or for dinner for vegetables with pasta. The blade is strong, steady and accurate, whilst the handle shape allows for a confident grip. They also come in handy for odd jobs such as cutting string, cable ties (a cycle touring must-have) and once we used it to shift a small stone that had become wedged inthe screws of Beth’s cleats.

Titaner pocket knife

Length – 155mm
Width – 20mm
Thickness – 7mm
Folded Size – 90mm

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